Here’s this years time-table. Please note that this is only an estimate, and events might be moved or delayed due to unforseen circumstances. Arranging a demo-party isn’t an exact science.

All times are in local time, CEST (UTC+2).

Friday, July 15 🔗

Time Event
16:00 Party starts
18:00 Deadline for all music competitions
18:00 Opening Ceremony
18:30 Demoshow “Best of the pandemic”
21:00 Music compo block
23:00 DJ Set
01:00 Doors close

Saturday, July 16 🔗

Time Event
10:00 Doors open
12:00 Deadline for all graphics competitions
15:00 Graphics compo block
16:00 Deadline for all real-time competitions
20:00 T-Shirt Remix competition
21:00 Real-time compo block
23:00 DJ Set
24:00 Prizegiving
01:00 Party over